The October Favourites...

I really have no idea where this year has gone, once again another month has just flown past without barely a blink and it's pretty safe to say we are well on our way into winter (though today was quite lovely considering the time of year) and dare I say the season of festivities, novelty pyjamas and glitter, lots of glitter! But, before I wind up turning into an actual walking decoration fit for the tree with my 'all things shiny and shimmery' obsession I thought I would take a little time out to share with you all a little round up of the items that have kept me coming back for more this month. 

The Malin+Goetz Lip Moisturiser - This stuff has pretty much been my lifesaver this month, it is a tad on the pricier side at £10 from Space NK but for a little evening/before bed indulgence I think it's worth it. It's a very thick clear jelly-like formula that looks very gloopy but don't let it put you off, you do need quite the drop for your lips compared to the usual Carmex and Vaseline but once you work it into your lips it feels so lightweight and instantly soothing. 

The MAC Velvet Teddy - So, I finally joined the rest of the world and bought Velvet Teddy. I've wanted this lipstick for ages but just never really knew how to work the more beige/tan/brown lip but with work I felt I needed something a bit more subtle than a berry/pink lip so I took the plunge and well I haven't turned back. I feel I don't really need to go into one with this one but just in case, it's a beautiful soft tan/brown coral'ly matte nude that is perfect as a step away from all the berry toned autumnal lips offering a very autumn leaves inspired look.

The Essie Cozy in Cashmere Matte - I've spoken about these before but words don't even come close to how much I am loving these shades and formulas and their names! Cozy in Cashmere is by far my favourite to wear with its soft lilac iridescence amongst the taupe undertones.

The Shu Umemura Lash Curler - I don't really have much to say on these lash curlers as I feel every blogger and their dog has them but my one word is perfection! I used to think Lash Curlers were a bit of a gimmick and at £20 I thought it was quite the price tag but after all the raves about them my arm was finally twisted and I can safely say I love them, they just make and hold a curl perfectly!

The Bourjois Plum Plum Girl - A slight contradiction to the Velvet Teddy above but I have to say I am still partial to a traditional autumn berry lip. This month Bourjois released some new additions to it's counters and one came in the form of Plum Plum Girl which just spoke to me! It's part of the Rouge Edition Velvet Matte Liquid Lipstick line, it's a Plum/Berry colour and it's Bourjois, what more can a girl ask for? 

And that's all I have to share... what beauty bits have you been loving this month? Let me know!

Oh, and Happy Halloween!

The Very Accidental, Completely Unecessary But Oh So Worth It Bourjois Haul

Bourjois is by far one of my favourite high street brands, I'm not really sure why but as a kid I was always mesmerised by the counter, the blushes so shimmery, the nail colours of many shades and I guess the simple fact that it is a French/Parisienne brand which just swayed me that little bit more and as I started experimenting with make up, exploring the counters I just but couldn't help but dabble in a few of their products. And as my discoveries have widened my love for the brand just grows and grows, I am rarely disappointed and often find myself standing in front of the counter looking for something new to try knowing full well whatever I buy from that counter is going to hold a special place in my make up bag.

The first thing I spotted was this powder, I still feel like I am on the hunt for that perfect powder; a soft velvet finish leaving my skin matte and glowy and keeping my make up in place for a long time with minimum slickage, I do hate that word. But oily skin is a very big issue for me so powders are very much my lifesaver. I thought I would give the Healthy Balance one a go after Lily Pebbles mentions of it on her blog and channel. I've only been trying it out a for a week but it's definitely up there with the rest of the powders I have grown to love.

After hearing many great things about the 123 Perfect CC Cream and having a major love for the 123 Perfect Foundation I thought I would try this one too, one because it is an SPF which the foundation isn't but also because sometimes I do like a more natural, sheer look, very occasionally not very often but even I do have those days. What I like about this type of base is its ease of application, for me this is the perfect lazy day base, for those days at home vegging on the sofa or days where you really don't care but still don't want to frighten the poor person walking your way down the street.

Berry lips are my absolute favourite this time of year, perhaps not very work appropriate when you work in an architectural office but definitely fitting for a little peruse down the high street on a Saturday afternoon, and after Anna from Vivianna does Make Up mentioned some new Bourjois releases a few weeks back I new this was a colour I just had to have in my collection - Plum Plum Girl. Plus I absolutely love the formula of these lipsticks and that they literally last all day long.

I didn't even intend to go this far into my purchases but after spending all those pennies turns out I could get a little pot of blush for free and I do love a little deal. I picked up Lilas d'Or and this is a colour I wouldn't normally go for but with the berry tones of the season I was feeling a bit of the purple vibe and just loved how there was this slight lilac/purple iridescent undertone in the pink. It is a very pigmented one and one I feel you need to apply lightly and build up.

Purple has definitely overcome me this season, usually only holding a place as a berry toned lip colour but now I even feel like adding a light dusting of it over my lids. It's a look I've never done or gone for but suddenly I am all about those ombre, shimmery purple lids. This was actually a purchase from ASOS and completely coincidental in my hunt for a purple eye shadow but the colour, Prune Nocturne just looked perfect for the look I am trying and hoping to achieve. I've not used it yet but I absolutely love its iridescent, metallic deep purple tone and I feel like as we head more into the festive season I will be daring to give this look a go. Watch out for a tutorial.

What are your favourite high street brands? What Bourjois products do you recommend? Let me know.

A Playlist | The Perfect Soundtrack for a Cosy Autumn Day In

Music is very much an important part of my life, it has the ability to lift my spirits when I don't feel so great or whisk me away to lost memories from childhood, to adventures and experiences with friends, family and of holidays far and wide. Music is very special to me and one thing I love is exploring Spotify, perusing the many artists sharing their music and finding new songs to carry new memories. What I notice as well is some songs are very much suited to a particular season and I often find myself categorising songs and dedicating them to a month, I will go all year not listening to a song but looking forward to listening to it during these colder, darker months. Fleet Foxes and Jose Gonzales are artists I very much do this with, their songs to me are perfect for the colder months, for wrapping up in a blanket, cosying up with a hot chocolate and book and getting lost in their sounds, add some rain and a toasty warm fire and I am pretty much in heaven wondering what all my fuss was about with the colder seasons. So I thought it would be nice to share my playlist with you, of songs that to me feel oh so autumnal and make me love this month a little bit more, the songs that I savour up especially for this time of year or the songs I have heard recently and thought, yep that is a cold weather song and it's perfect.

I do hope you like the playlist, let me know what you thought and I'd love to hear your recommendations for your perfect autumn/winter songs.

The Perfect Pink Glitter and A Beautiful Cashmere Lilac Taupe | New Seasonal Additions

Just when I thought I had my nail varnish addiction under-control I found myself in front of the Essie counter ... again. But in my defence how can you really deny yourself a nail varnish or four (in my case) when the colours are as sparkly and pretty as these? Why Essie you have to have such pretty colours!?

First off, how pretty is this sparkly, glittery pink?! I am in glitter heaven and definitely starting to feel the (dare I say) Christmas vibes! Cue the golds and glitter of all colours getting cracked out now! All four polishes were part of duo packs the above shades came together in the box A Sprinkle in Pink and the shades were Fiji and A Cut Above. I haven't used the colours yet, I really want to save them for November/December time but I felt I just needed to have them on my dressing table to stare at and make me happy (dark mornings, getting ready and all). Fiji is a lovely creamy baby pink and works as a base for the glittery pink to be applied too and A Cut Above is just perfection, it's the lovely glittery rose pink and just catches the light so prettily! I am just in awe of this colour! 

The second box I picked was Cosy Up In Cashmere and I actually saw this cute little advert on the side of the stand with a bottle wrapped in a jumper, so I'm not too sure if this is a new release but either way the colours were just too pretty to walk away from. The two colours are Cozy In Cashmere and Wrap Me Up and I just think these are perfect names for the change in season and the colours too are completely fitting for autumn/winter. Cozy in Cashmere is a beautiful iridescent matte velvet lilac/taupe colour and I think this is what the line is all about, soft iridescent shades with a matte finish. There are other colours in the line but this one was the one that caught my eye and just as well cause it was in the duo pack. And Wrap Me Up is a lovely complimentary cream with a warm beige/lilac undertone perfect to wear along with Cozy in Cashmere and feel just as snuggly as the names on the bottle.

Will you be picking any of these colours up? What are your favourite Essie shades? Let me know. 

Dusty Pastel Brights Perfect for an Autumnal Nail

Whilst perusing the stores in my lunch break the other day I somehow found myself standing in front of the Essie counter, mesmerized by colour, my fingers screaming for a new shade to be adorned with and my little heart fluttering away with all the possibilities! Essie is a brand I have coveted for the longest time. My first purchase was the beautiful Ballet Shoes shade last summer whilst gallivanting around America and throughout my travels I managed to misplace it. It was heart breaking and I may have shed a tear or two! But the other day I thought I would go for it again, another colour, or two. Inspired by the change in season, and a change from the nude look I have been loving lately I thought I would go for a pop of colour, not too bright, but colourful enough to contrast against my outfit but have that autumn vibe. I feel like summer is all about bright, pastel nails, they make a statement and make you feel all summery. I wanted this sort of vibe but muted, sort of in keeping with autumn. It's always one of those melancholy months for me, it's the end of summer which is my favourite season and growing up it was also about starting school, uni, being in new places, it was exciting but sad at times. 

The shades I picked were In Stitches and Maximilian Strass Her. I felt like they complemented this autumnal vibe really well, stepping away from the berries and plum shades of autumn to offer a different take on the style for the season. I do love my plums and nudes this time of year but sometimes it gets a bit much and all I want is a lovely blue or something to contrast that. Maximilian Strass Her for me did just that, pastel and bright enough to add the colour but dusty and muted enough to not be in your face and unfitting with the mood of the season. It's a beautiful soft blue tone with a grey undertone. It's quite a cold colour and just makes a lovely change from the seasons usual colours. 

In Stitches was my second shade, definitely a bit more autumnal with its warm reddish vibe but muted enough to not be like 'here are my nails, see me roar' kinda thing. And it is truly a lovely shade, I don't even know how to go about explaining it as I have never seen a colour like it but the only way I can describe it is that its like a very soft, light red, rose colour with a sort of rusty vibe... if you get my gist? Either way it is very autumnal and perfect for this season if you want to step away from the dark berry shades and have something a little bit more bright. 

What colours are you loving this season? Do you love a bright nail or do you prefer the richer and warmer colours this time of year? Let me know, I'd love to hear your recommendations! 

A Family Favourite | Seasonal Ginger Cake Loaf

One thing I love about autumn is all the seasonal inspired flavours, cinnamon, apple, toffee, caramel, ginger it goes on, starbucks brings out its Pumpkin Spice Latte and my Dad gets baking his traditional family favourite, a recipe he has been perfecting for I don't even know how long and I have to say he is basically there. His cake is so scrummy, I actually have to leave the room to stop myself cutting another slice. It's such a light, airy and soft cake with an amazing sweet spicy gingery flavour it is so warming and comforting and the little special bit I enjoy the most, are the small crystallized ginger pieces my dad scatters into the batter before he bakes it. It is definitely one of my favourites to indulge in on a cool autumn evening, cosied up in a blanket with a lovely cup of tea. Though last weekend the weather was so nice I thought I would take full advantage of it and shoot some photos of the cake in the garden. 

The recipe is an old one and was in lbs but I've tried my best to convert it over so you guys can try it too oh and it's a pretty big mixture too, my Dad halved it so you don't wind up with loads of cakes. From his original recipe we got 4 loaves, yep we're pretty much stocked up for winter! But with this recipe you should get 2 give or take.

Ginger Cake Loaf (makes 2-ish)

loaf tin
(greased and lined with baking parchment)
180 degrees

10oz (300g) Self Raising Flour (seived)
4oz (100g) Cooking Oil
6oz (150g) Sugar
3tsp Ginger Powder
8oz (200g)  Crystallized Ginger Pieces (you may need to chop them smaller)
3 Eggs 
Add Milk to get to a dropping consistency

And all my Dad does is whack it altogether in a bowl and stir. It takes about 30 - 45 mins depending (wait till it's golden). It's so easy, it's actually unbelievable how good it tastes! 

What do you love to indulge in in autumn? And let me know if you try the recipe! I would love to see photos and what you thought! 

MAC Mehr | My Graduation Day Nude