February Favourites | Tea and Treats

So before I begin sharing with all you lovely readers my favourites from this month, I just wanted to say something, a little proclamation if you wish, one you may agree with? That is... how quickly has

Futuristic Spring Shades

Nails Inc. | Covent Garden Ballet, Bankside & Victoria Park

Student Life | Writing that Essay

I feel like I need to stand on a roof and shout from the top of my lungs! I need to cry, I need to laugh; I need to just let out one big sigh of relief!

Yes! My report that I have been slaving over for the last 4 months is now finally written! It is complete! And boy was it one crazy emotional roller coaster! I wanted to cry, I wanted to scream, I wanted to chuck my books at a wall and my laptop out the window (on my worst days)! It was like a mind-boggling, mentally emotional psychological endurance test, like no other! - If ever there was such a thing, or just call me extremely dramatic (your call)?

But guys, I can safely say I have made it through, books and laptop all in one piece (a few library fines here and there - oops!) and for the better part feeling calmer and relieved! Whew! Never, ever, ever will I write a report again. Never! Just the Harvard system citation alone is enough to make you want to jack in all hope of a degree, no matter how much you're dedicated to your course!

However, this isn't a 'ranty' post so that aside, the past few months has seen me on more than one occasion find weird and crazy ideas to help cope with the stress, anxiety and pressure of writing a piece of work worth reading. And so, what I wanted to share with you today was my Top 5 tips to help relieve the stress and get through, well, dissertations, final year projects and just general university life. So here they are...

The Wishing Jar | 12 Months; 12 Wishes

So, yesterday was the 4th of February and with it came another birthday, a time for reflection and what seems to be another excuse for a 'lets get sentimental' mushy post. Apparently I'm quite good at getting like this lately! But I think we'll just call it prolonged post-2014 blues and blame it on the whole 'Mercury Retrograde' thingy for all you Astrology enthusiasts! Either way, I have found myself getting rather nostalgic and happy towards all that I have achieved the past 12 months being 21.

Neon Pink, Super Powers and Being Clumsy. | Nominated for the Liebster Award!

So yesterday I got a little notification on my phone from the lovely Nicola who writes the blog The Beauty Monologue; she had nominated me for the Liebster Award! Thank you so much Nicola! Though this award might not mean very much to some of you, I personally think it is just a really nice way to welcome people into the blogging community, let them know you like and read their blog and to get to know other small bloggers. Plus, I love seeing the questions and answers we all ask and