February Favourites | Tea and Treats

So before I begin sharing with all you lovely readers my favourites from this month, I just wanted to say something, a little proclamation if you wish, one you may agree with? That is... how quickly has
February gone? I honestly can't believe it's been a month since my first ever monthly favourites and I can't believe how much has happened this month! It all started with my birthday which was really nice, my parents came over, we ate a lot of Chinese and I got a Colin the Caterpillar cake! It was like being a kid all over again! But February also meant the dreaded Valentines Day and I won't lie, it's not my favourite of holidays and I spent it in the only manner I knew, with a tub of Ben & Jerry's, in my pj's, reliving my childhood with The Swan Princess! Don't judge! But all was saved, 3 days later it was Pancake Day and my housemate and I indulged in sugar'y, lemon'y galore, it was amazing! This month also marked the day for my dissertation deadline and words don't even come close to how big a relief it was to get it in and finish another project. I now only have one more project left to complete and then it's goodbye student life! As of today I have 83 days left! How scary! Oh and we cannot forget the Brits, as an avid music lover this date was marked, my evening cleared and I got comfy in my pj's to indulge in a night of Britishness, cheese, controversy and a lot of awkward but that's a discussion for another day! Today I want to share with you all this little collection of my favourites this month! 

Most of my favourites this month are birthday presents or little gifts I bought myself, I did go a little over board with purchases this month but I managed to narrow it down to this select few to share with you. I hope you enjoy reading them - Oh, and grab a cup of tea, this may take a while!

Urban Decay 2 Palette - All I can say is, it happened, I caved and there are no regrets! Well, not until my friends catch a glimpse of it and look at me with a face of disappointment but in my defense it was my birthday weekend and I'm pretty sure we all like to treat ourselves around this time of year. Granted there are much cheaper palettes out there with just as good quality but the colours and packaging were just so beautiful, the shades are so shimmery and so pigmented and I really just couldn't resist anymore! But mostly, I think the names are what grab me the most - nothing like applying a bit of Snakebite and Bootycall on your lid at 8am! Ooosh! 

Anthropologie Tea Cup - I know last month in my January Favourites here I was all about my Magpie mug, convinced no mug could ever come close to topping it, until my birthday when my friend presented me this, my first ever Anthropologie cup! I have literally been coveting their homeware for the longest time and without a doubt there were a lot of girlish squeals when I opened the package. But hath no fear, my Magpie mug is still my trusty companion for my morning coffee whilst this beauty suffices my tea cravings throughout the day! 
And talking of tea...

Assam Tea - This is love! I don't know how I had never tried this tea in all my 22 years of existance but I hadn't, until this month! It's got a really rich, strong flavour which I find the likes of Typhoo (no disrespect I love Typhoo) and Tetley lack and it has literally rekindled my love for tea's again, finally weening me off an 8 month Coffee addiction (it was bad) though I am finding myself drinking about 4 cups of tea a day now and only one cup of coffee a day - but hey, you win some you lose some I guess. I got these in Aldi, a prime student hotspot and they were only 99p for a box of 20!

Fig and Rouge Hand Cream - So this buy may have been solely based on the little flamingos and bright colours, and the scent chosen purely for its name; Coco Rose. But it is such a pretty fragrance, it slightly reminds me of Turkish Delights but it isn't too heavy and overpowering and now I find myself putting it on just so I can smell it, especially before bed. It's also a really light, concentrated, non-greasy formula which is always a bonus with me but it is quite pricey so I definitely need to reign my usage back and save it for those manicure days.

Max Factor Max Effect Mini Nail Polish in Chilled Lilac & Sunny Pink - I think it's fair to say my love for Lilac is beginning to get a little out of hand, I wasn't planning on buying anymore nail polishes this month but I don't think I have ever bought so many in one month! These were my favourite though - together they just create the most loveliest of pink'y lilac tones. And the shimmer in Sunny Pink is really pretty, it's like a really warm iridescent pink! And, also, Max Factor! Who knew they were so good at making nail polishes? My nails dried really quickly and lasted ages (about a week) before they started chipping!

Diesel, Loverdose - This little beauty here is my all time favourite perfume. My Mum got it for a me a year a go for Christmas but I completely exhausted the bottle by Summer, leaving me without my new found trademark scent for the rest of the year. But she got it for me again for my birthday, this time in the larger bottle (Mum knows best) and it has resumed its rightful place as my favourite, go to perfume! The scent as long as you don't sniff it once you spritz it (because it will hurt your nose), should be really subtle and light. It's not too sweet, it's quite spring'y and reminds me of the perfect blend of flowers and candy.

Mouse Fleece Night Dress - Not to be confused with Moose! like this muppet did here (awkward!) and I know it sounds a little weird but think of a onesie without the legs which you can go to the bathroom in and not expose your limbs to the extremities! I won't lie, I do look like an absolute fool in this number parading around the house in, well, a fleece dress but all is made up for when I put that hood up! It's the cutest thing ever and it was an absolute steal from Primark - £5 in the sale!

And lastly, music! I mentioned this band on Monday but I just love their album 'Coming Up for Air' so much it just wasn't right to leave them out. This album has helped carry me through February and I have literally played it on repeat everyday. It's just so soothing and calming but each song is so different. You can read more about my love for the album and favourite songs here.

There you go, hope you enjoyed the little insight into my February and had a lovely month too. 
What has been your favourite thing from this month? Let me know.

Can we have spring now?

Eunice Caroline.
Just that Jersey Girl


  1. The fleece night dress is so cute, looks really comfy and warm! :) Rebecca | www.rebeccamariee.blogspot.com xx

  2. Aww thank you! It's so warm and comfy, I'm never out the thing these days haha xx