My Top 5 In-Flight Travel Essentials

On Monday I shared a post here on the playlist I put together for my little jaunt down south and today as I get things sorted I thought I could share with you the travel essentials I make sure I've got at the ready to make for a better, more smoother, worry free, travel experience. Even though I travel often, I too even get a little jittery and nervous so I thought it would be nice to share these items with you to make the whole airport, flying thing easier, especially, if you're new to flying or don't fly often.

The New Spring to Summer Matte Lip

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Matte Lipsticks
L-R - Peach Club, Nude'ist & Ole! Flamingo

The In-Flight Travel Playlist | Music Mondays

Next week is the Easter holidays and for it I'll be heading off for the week to go spend a little downtime with the fam and rejuvenate before tackling the dreaded final weeks of final year. It's so scary! One thing that is involved when I go home is flying as I study at the opposite end

My Running Late Make Up Essentials

Lately I have been really struggling to wake up early and in doing so means I wind up in a rush with barely enough time to get my socks on let alone apply a perfect wing liner and contour the old cheeks. One day I will go to bed at an appropriate time but until then I thought I'd share with you my current make up essentials to get me looking more presentable but still natural, ready for the day ahead!

Break the Rules & Embrace the Neon Orange

The Orange Collection

5 Songs on Repeat | Music Monday

Recently my music choices have taken a rather eclectic turn so I'm just going to apologise now for the absolute randomness of this post but with the amount of coursework that is now piling up and

Cleansing Lotions | Liz Earle or The Body Shop?

The Coronas | My Spotify Find

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Last Monday I spoke about my love (here) for getting lost in the world of Spotify and how I can spend hours clicking away, listening to music, old and new finding new bands to lust over. I find it so therepeutic in a weird way and there's just something about finding a new band or artist that you