5 Songs on Repeat | Music Monday

Recently my music choices have taken a rather eclectic turn so I'm just going to apologise now for the absolute randomness of this post but with the amount of coursework that is now piling up and
the endless hours I spend in front of this computer I have found myself turning to the more catchier, pop'pier songs in my playlists to keep me going! That being said there are some new ones but also some uncovered old favourites from the once teenage Eunice so here's what I've been listening to lately...

Years and Years - King 
Considering the style of their music I really didn't think I'd be hitting repeat on this one as much as I have been but there's just something about it. 

Michelle Branch - Breathe 
I'm not sure if everyone knows Michelle Branch but I used to listen to a few of her songs in my teens and I found this one the other day and I just can't stop playing it now!

Stacie Orrico - Stuck 
Who remembers Stacie Orrico? I was obsessed with this song growing up.

Kelly Clarkson - Heartbeat Song
Kelly Clarkson is one of my guilty pleasures, her songs are always so fun and catchy.

Fall Out Boy - Centuries
The day Fall Out Boy got back together was a very happy day for me and I love this song!

Like I said, very crazy mix! But these are just a few of the songs that I just can't help but keep playing to get me working and motivated.

What music are you listening to at the moment?



  1. Years and Years - King is the one at the moment !

    Happy Monday!

    With love, Hayley


  2. I love hearing their new stuff too! I was so obsessed with them in high school, it was quite embarrassing really. haha xx

  3. This post is amazing, I love listening to new music :)
    xo chckgeek.com

  4. Thank you Kaley! Me too! I spend way too much time on Spotify trying to find new music to listen too! xx