Break the Rules & Embrace the Neon Orange

The Orange Collection
Avon and Collection 2000 Lipsticks
Avon Soft Coral has a Peach Orange Sheen'y Matte look
Collection 2000 Mango Tango has a Pink Coral Sheen'y Matte look
Nubar Orange Slice Crush & Nails Inc. Victoria Park
Victoria Park base with Orange Slice Crush Top coat (x2)
Whether orange is in season this year or month I've never really been one to follow a trend properly; if I like it I like it, if I don't I don't and I am more than happy to wear shades and styles circa last summer or what not. As much as I love seeing the new trends and being currently obsessed with finding the perfect MAC Velvet Teddy dupe you won't see me running to the high street to pick up the new pair of holographic wedge (seriously what is it with this shoe?). Which leads me to today's post because even though I am an avid fan of sporting the bright lip and nail I have actually been veering to a more natural/nude look lately so it was a bit of a surprise the other night when I, whilst redoing my nails found myself opting for a much brighter, bolder and fun orange shade and in fact I hadn't actually used this shade before (Nubar Orange Slice Crush) so it was quite exciting to see how it would go.

Whilst waiting for the nails to dry I found myself having a peek at my horoscope, I don't do this often and mainly, I read them as I find them quite funny at times though rather quite cryptic but what I did read about this month was Neon Orange was the colour for March if you're Aquarius. Weird huh? I'm not one to get all caught up in what's written in the stars as you could say but I did find this quite interesting and thought it would be nice to share. Not only because, I think it's fun; fashion and beauty is fun and I think sometimes things can get taken a bit seriously in the world of fashion and trends. We all try to focus on looking "with it" but from time to time we need to just inject the fun back in. I'm pretty sure orange lips were "soo last season" but hey, who made that the rule. So, if you have something in you're wardrobe or make up bag that you're too scared to wear or think it's out of date but want to wear it, then wear it, jazz it up and work that look! After all wasn't fashion all about breaking the rules? 

What do you think? What colour are you loving this season? Maybe you can try and explain the holographic shoe thing to me? haha.  



  1. Love the nail colour !

    With love,

    Hayley x

  2. Thank you Hayley! I feel very summery right now wearing it! :) xx

  3. I wish that bright orange lipstick suited me! It's just such a fun shade :) love the nail polish x

  4. Thank you Alexandra. Aww I'm sure it does, just embrace it! It isn't the best shade on me but I just love wearing colours; they're just so fun!! :) xx