Cleansing Lotions | Liz Earle or The Body Shop?

Lately I have been really getting into cleansing lotions and the way their simple magical formula cleanses your face while moisturising it and leaving you feeling all glowy, plumper and looking a lot healthier. I think they're amazing and so fun to use and I have been finding myself bringing forward my night care routine just so I can use it! Pretty sad isn't it. I started off using the Liz Earle cleanse and polish after hearing a lot of great reviews about it; how it cleared up acne (something I suffer with) and removed the most 'stubbornist' mascara, so I was pretty willing to see how it would go as I use Max Factor's Waterproof False Lash Effect Mascara and this is one stubborn mascara! Although I loved Liz Earle's creamy, easy and clean to use formula, and the scent (weirdly), I found my acne actually getting worse and my mascara still not budging - like I said it was stubborn! A little upset but still in love with the concept and formula I decided to do a bit of hunting around to see if there were any others and I found this one from The Body Shop, their Vitamin E Cleansing Lotion. Vitamin E is really good for the skin as it reduces the harmful effects the environment can have on our skin such as sun damage and pollution and it's also an anti-inflammatory which can also help the sore, red skin of acne sufferers. I decided to give it a go, plus, loads of people said it removed their most stubborn of mascaras but I was still really skeptical. 

I have to say this formula is so light, creamy and soothing on my skin, it really helped to calm down the redness of my acne and my skin looked so radiant, soft and smooth after use and for the mascara, I hear you ask, well it was gone, all gone! By the power of this beautiful, skin hydrating, light and soothing formula I finally had clean, mascara free eyelashes - it was a miracle! I've been using it most evenings and occasional mornings since I purchased it and I just love how it cleanses the skin really quickly, non-messily and leaves you looking all healthy and bright, no matter how awful or tired you're feeling! 

What's your favorite cleanser? What do you recommend? Let me know in the comments. 

Eunice Caroline
Just that Jersey Girl


  1. I adore the Body Shop. Their products are incredible and their cleansing lotion is the best! I'll have to try the Liz Earle one :) Rebecca | Rebecca Marie xx

  2. I have super sensitive skin so I think the Liz Earl one would probably break me out too. The body shop cleanser sounds beautiful and soothing. I prefer gentle cleansers :) great post darling! x

  3. Yeah, I hope one day I'll be able to use it again, her range looks so lovely. xx

  4. Thank you :) Same, the Vitamin E one is really gentle and soothing. I love it so much. xx

  5. Completely agree, I love their skin care range. The Liz Earle one I feel would be really nice if you had less sensitive skin, my skin is so temperamental! :) xx