My Running Late Make Up Essentials

Lately I have been really struggling to wake up early and in doing so means I wind up in a rush with barely enough time to get my socks on let alone apply a perfect wing liner and contour the old cheeks. One day I will go to bed at an appropriate time but until then I thought I'd share with you my current make up essentials to get me looking more presentable but still natural, ready for the day ahead!

Lets do this!

The Base - With my really red, blemished oily skin I need something that will masque all this up without a primer, without concealer and to last all day and not feel thick on my face. This is where Bourjois' 123 Perfect comes in. Though the coverage is very sheer over my worse acne patches this is a really light-weight formula that when applied lightly and built up upon (it get's cakey otherwise) acts as a lovely second skin to just help neutralise the reddiness of my skin and I find it still looks matte even at the end of the day! 

The Fixative - I'm making this sound more like an industrial job than a dainty make up application but needless to say in a rush my make up application is to the point, quick and a task to get right! Well for me anyway. Though my foundation is very matte and long lasting, I still always dust a bit of Soap and Glory's One Heck of a Blot just over my cheeks and t-zone to prevent any potential shine. I found out about this powder through reading other beauty blogs who recommended it and I have to agree, it is a lovely formula that just blots away any shininess, keeping your look matte and helps the make up to last just that little bit longer! 

The Brows - The worse thing for me are the days when I really, really don't have time to tidy up my brows. For me there is nothing worse than leaving the house with my slithery, gappy eyebrows on show. I feel like my face is incomplete! This is more so about the technique rather than the product and what I tend to do in speedy situations like this is to just be light and flicky as possible with my movement. Focusing on getting a smooth, natural shape; nothing to over the top. To achieve it I use the Eyelure Brow Palette, which I think is a great drugstore buy, especially for dark brows like mine. Though I don't rate the brow brush that comes with it very high, that got ditched 3 days later and instead I bought the ECO Tools slanted eye brush. 

The Eyes - Usually when running late it's because I've overslept because silly me didn't go to bed at a normal hour, which is often! So to make my eyes look less lifeless without needing concealer I always go in with a Mascara, now I know I go on about this one all the time, I do plan on switching things up but for now because I know how to use this, I go in with the Max Factor False Lash Effect focusing on lengthening rather than volumising and curling the lash up as much as possible with good spacing. I think this is just a great way to open the eye and bring a bit of life back into the face. Especially because I don't have time to add contour or blush. 

The Finish - I cannot leave the house without wearing a lip colour and this isn't because I feel it adds to a better complexion this is all down to my inane need to wear colour wherever it's deemed socially acceptable (lips, nails). My go to in this situation is the Collection 2000 Vintage Rose and I spoke about this in my video on Sunday here. Because it is my one beauty essential, it is a lovely colour, it's easy to apply in a hurry and the shade means that if you mess up honestly no one will notice. Plus, it's not too in your face!

And lastly,

The Tools - Because no precision make up application is right without the key tools. My favourites are always the Eco Tools ones, I just love the handles and the bristles are so soft. I got my brushes as part of a Travel Set and they come with beautiful detailing around the bristles, they are miniature brushes but I do think they're really good for, if not for full face coverage then for concealer and highlighting. The miniature buffing brush (blue handle) is perfect for targeting blemishes!

There ya go, these are my little essentials that I turn to, in a rush and which, do the job and just help me to leave the house feeling a little bit more confident about my skin.

What are your beauty staples? What mascara's do you love to use and would recommend? Let me know, I am currently on the hunt for a new mascara!

Happy Friday lovelies! 



  1. Great post, your photos are so pretty :)

    My staple essential has to be my Rimmel Scandalous Retros Eyes Mascara!!

    Clare |

  2. Aww thank you so much! Ooh I've heard of that one, I'll definitely check it out. I'm so fussy with mascara's just because I rub my eyes so much, it just winds up everywhere! Thank you for the recommendation! :) xx

  3. Love love love this post, as I'm always running late too! I'l always recommend benefit 'They're real!' mascara as the best one i've used, but there are others that are a little less pricey that are great too, Wonderfull is one of my faves too!
    I look forward to hearing more from you
    Love, Jessica x

  4. Thank you Jessica! Ooh yes! I've been meaning to try They're Real for the longest time but now Roller Lash has come out and I'm so undecided on which to get! Aha. I haven't heard of Wonderfull, I'll have a look at that one too! :D Thanks for the recommendations! :) xx