My Top 5 In-Flight Travel Essentials

On Monday I shared a post here on the playlist I put together for my little jaunt down south and today as I get things sorted I thought I could share with you the travel essentials I make sure I've got at the ready to make for a better, more smoother, worry free, travel experience. Even though I travel often, I too even get a little jittery and nervous so I thought it would be nice to share these items with you to make the whole airport, flying thing easier, especially, if you're new to flying or don't fly often.

No. 1, Pack a Little Bag in your Case - Most airlines only let you bring one bag, often a wheely cabin size bag but check with your airline first. In situations like this, I like to pack a small bag within my cabin bag so that when I'm in the departure lounges, you can take it out, hang it off your shoulder and have your money, passport and boarding card close by. There is nothing worse then getting to the till to realise your wallet, passport and boarding pass are at the bottom of your case and the queue behind you is growing even longer. 

No. 2, Wear Flats! - This is pretty obvious I think but still it is a mistake I seem to make over and over again. Ok, I'm short I like to wear heels but there is a time and place for looking your best and just being plain practical and travelling is a situation to be practical. Too many times I have stupidly chosen to wear heels and found myself either running from one gate to another whilst their closing or trekking distances to catch a bus or train. It isn't fun!

No. 3, Music - As you can probably tell music is a big thing for me and travelling is probably the time I need music the most! It helps to just distract from all that's going on around and it's nice to zone out and put yourself in a little bubble. I often just make a quick playlist on my phone or kindle from Spotify and download it so it's accessible offline and in flight mode.

No. 4, Visual Material - Although music helps, it doesn't zone me out completely and often I find it helps to bring a book or magazine or even download something onto your tablet or kindle to keep you focused and distracted. Watching films or short tv programmes helps too and then you don't have to worry about music. 

and lastly, 

No. 5, Sweets! - And not for general snacking purposes though that is fun too. No, I mean sweets for the horrible popping of the ears as the plane changes altitudes and pressure. I suffer really badly from this so when I get to the airport the first thing I do is track down a shop and buy myself some Maoams or Werthers Originals (how old do I think I am). But they are great as they last a long time and just help with easing the pressure on the ears. If you don't want sweets then chewing gum helps too. 

I hope this was helpful, as I said these are just a few of the essentials and valuable things I've learnt since travelling which I thought would be nice to share. And, it doesn't have to be applied to just flying either, if you have train journeys or long bus journeys ahead then I'd say all these would be essentials for those too! 

What are your travel essentials? What would you recommend? Let me know.

eunice caroline. 


  1. I'm so desperately hoping to get to fly on a plane this year so I'm keeping your tips in mind, especially the one about the chewing gum and sweets. Becky // Rebecca Marie xx

  2. Oh, have you got anywhere exciting in mind? I'm glad you found them helpful. That one was pretty much a lifesaver for me when a friend said I should try it! :) xx

  3. I think we have the same essentials! I love this tips! And the photos are adorable!

    xx, Be || lovefrombe

  4. jessisratherstrange .29 March 2015 at 20:49

    Great tips! I don't know what i'd do if I forgot to pack headphones, haha ^_^ (love your blog by the way xx)

  5. Haha awesome! Thank you Be! :) xx

  6. Oh my goodness that's actually how the earphones in this post came about! I forgot to pack my headphones and only realised when I was going to my gate! haha! Thank you so much :) xx

  7. No travel journey is complete without sweets, and chocolates!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  8. Completely agree! Thanks for the comment Annabel :) xx