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Last Monday I spoke about my love (here) for getting lost in the world of Spotify and how I can spend hours clicking away, listening to music, old and new finding new bands to lust over. I find it so therepeutic in a weird way and there's just something about finding a new band or artist that you
can instantly fall in love with who are a bit under the radar that none of your friends know about and share it with them. Well, I thought I'd bring this little love of mine to my blog and perhaps bring about a little Music Monday's feature so I can share with you my loves and finds from the world of music.

Well today I wanted to share with you this band, The Coronas. I found them through the related artists section on the Kodaline page on Spotify and it was just instant love. There's just something about their sound and the way they can put you in a beachy nostalgic mood, dreaming of sunsets, summer and sea. Did I mention they're Irish too? I know!

I find that each song is really similar but really different (at the same time) on their album, with hints of other artists influences on their tracks. If you love the sound of Kodaline and Keane and are into rock and acoustic then I think you will really like them. The album is called The Long Way but none is too distracting if you want to listen to them whilst you work or study - I find them quite calm to have on in the background. The song Just Like That is my favourite song along with All The Others, they just have a really summer'y sound and are really upbeat and remind me of another band I love, You Me At Six. Another song on their album is At The Same Time and reminds me slightly of Biffy Clyro but with a more folk, acoustic tone whereas the song Get Loose is really upbeat and catchy and instantly makes me think of the 1975's Girls or Chocolate. I've added the album below from Spotify so you can have a listen. I really hope you like them, I have been absolutely loving them lately. Let me know what you think.

Who have you been listening too lately?

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  1. Thank you for the recommendation, will have to listen to these :) Rebecca | xx

  2. I've never heard of this band before, but from what you've said it sounds as though I would like them - gonna give them a listen to!

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