The In-Flight Travel Playlist | Music Mondays

Next week is the Easter holidays and for it I'll be heading off for the week to go spend a little downtime with the fam and rejuvenate before tackling the dreaded final weeks of final year. It's so scary! One thing that is involved when I go home is flying as I study at the opposite end
of the country. And though I love travelling and flying, for me it's a whole different story when I go it solo! I suddenly find myself, in a nervous panic, paranoid and thinking the worst! It's a terrible habit! I also want to add, a video was meant to go up this week of my Top 5 In-Flight Travel Essentials but filming and editing have all failed on me, so I may write it as a post instead but stay tuned for 2 videos next week! 

But today as it's Monday and I like to keep Monday for music, I thought it would be nice to share with you a few of the songs on my Travel Playlist that I have been loving and will be listening to whilst home bound. There's just something really comforting in having music on whilst I travel and being able to zone out and stay distracted from all that is going on around me.

A Few From the Playlist

Heroes - Alesso ft. Tove Lo
Stay High - Tove Lo

When I first heard Tove Lo, I really didn't think I would like her music but I have to say she has grown on me and now I just can't help listen to her songs! I've definitely been getting more into this style of music lately.

Bullit - Watermat

Ask me what music I loved and loathed back in January and this genre would have been loathe but whether it's the turn of the weather, 'Hello Spring!' or that maybe my music tastes are just widening I have been listening to this song none stop! It's just so calming but summery and carnival like.

The Nights - Avicii

I'm just going to get all dance genres out of the way here but Avicii's music is one I have been slowly been growing to like over the last year and I absolutely love this song! I love the video and the message it just portrays, to live life and achieve your goals!

Desire & King - Years and Years

Another surprise for my playlist, when I first heard their music back in January I really wasn't a fan but King really changed it all around and now I love both these songs! Their style is just so different to anything else, I think.

Burning for No One - The Cribs

I had never heard of The Cribs until this month and I found out about them through YouTube, how I do love YouTube. I think they're fairly new and upcoming but they have a great alt. indie, rock style to their music, which is more in line with the genre of music I love!

Taxi - The Author

The Author is actually a local Jersey band who I first heard and saw at the age of 16 (I think) at a local Music Festival and at the time I thought they were really good! This song was my favourite and I recently found it on Spotify and it has been playing quite a lot! Since then, their style of music has changed slightly and is more electronic and makes me feel like I'm in space! I'm not to sure about this style but Taxi still remains up their with the rest of my favourites!

Heartbeat Song - Kelly Clarkson

And lastly, it's a little different from the other genres but I am absolutely loving this song! I mentioned Kelly Clarkson last week in this post here, as she has pretty much been on repeat since I first heard it! Her music is just so easy to listen to and catchy!

And of course, if all the above doesn't suffice then there is always T Swifty's 1989 album! Apologies now to the person sat next to me! Just saying!

Do you have any songs you can suggest? Which artist have you been loving lately? Let me know!



  1. Great choices, I'm obsessed with music and have sooo many playlists for different occasions.

    Enjoy Jersey!

    With love from London, Hayley ♥

  2. Oh my gosh same! My spotify side bar just looks ridiculous these days with all the playlists I have! haha. Thank you, I'm really looking forward to going! :) xx