The New Spring to Summer Matte Lip

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Matte Lipsticks
L-R - Peach Club, Nude'ist & Ole! Flamingo
This pretty much all began with a little, very innocent beauty purchase from Feel Unique and now, somehow, has turned into an out of control desire and lust for every single shade in this collection! It all started off with the brown'y, dusty rose pink shade Nude'ist. I got it as a free gift with a special offer over on Feel Unique's site, yes I am one for going weak at the knees for special offers! I know Vivianna does makeup mentioned her love for the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet collection in a recent video but I really didn't know much about this product and that it would actually become a spring staple in my make up bag?

What can I say, after my initial use and experimentation, I fell in love! The colour Nude'ist which in the bottle seems quite unassuming; you think it'll be quite a humble shade but after applying it I found it to oxidise with my lip balm to create a reddier dusty rose which, I actually quite liked. What I did find, was that even though I love the colour, you do need to make sure your lips are prepped and moisturised before application. I used it a few times initially without prepping and my lips found themselves in a very sorry, sad and sore state but when I realised where I was going wrong, everything was fixed! What I find is that, it is such a lovely, weightless formula which yes is drying but also has great long-lasting colour and is really easy to apply. So much so, I actually found myself in my local Boots a week later, on a mission to find even more shades in the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet collection to add to my ever growing collection of lip colours (as if I need anymore?). A gazillion swatch tests later and I had my shades, a beautiful vintage'esque, dusty orange, cold tone shade Peach Club and a very vibrant, girly and rich raspberry pink shade Ole! Flamingo (I love that name); an attempt to cover all my lip shade bases but in the matte form.

I mentioned Peach Club in my video last Sunday here, for my bolder more matte'ier alternative shade for spring as it is such a fun colour. I don't often wear shades of this kind but all of a sudden I apparently want to embrace this more summery, orangier tone of lip! I really don't know what's come over me. I also find the shade reminds me of Audrey Hepburn's shade of lip colour, so I'm not complaining. And lastly, Ole! Flamingo, it's no surprise I chose this one, I am a massive lover of a bright, bold pink lip and this one is just so complementary to the skin, providing you're able to stay within your natural lip line and not slip off. This is the down fall, I really struggle to apply this shade neatly but I am getting better. I don't know if it's the formula or the fact it is a brighter shade but I just notice that I never have an even, tidy spread on my lips. Though when it is on, it does give your eyes and teeth (weirdly) that added pop! It just makes your teeth look so much whiter!

What lipsticks and shades are you loving this month?


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