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As you can probably tell from last Monday's Music post here, I've been listening to a pretty mixed bag of music lately. Branching out into different genres and rehashing some old classics but at the end of the day my firm favourites will always be of the indie rock, alternative variety, and today I thought it would be nice to bring it all back to that and share with you a new album I have recently found, it comes from the Liverpudlian Indie Rock band Circa Waves who you may have heard of. I only found out about them after hearing them on Radio 1 a few weeks ago and absolutely loved So Long and knew that when their album came out I would need to get it! And I did and I can safely say it does not disappoint - I am absolutely loving it! If you had to make me choose I would say T-Shirt Weather is my favourite on the album, though please don't make me choose because Fossils is by far another great track on the album! Probably because they are the most summery sounding and we all pretty much know of my love for lusting over summer! 

Their sound is described as being quite similar to The Vaccines and having been strongly influenced by The Strokes, I can agree when I say I can hear the similarities. Lost It and Young Chasers are probably the most The Vaccines sounding on the album though there is a constant hint of their style flowing through the album but I would go so much to say I am also reminded of The Wombats and Vampire Weekend. The song My Love and Stuck in My Teeth have beats which remind me of A Punk by Vampire Weekend and I'm not even sure where the resemblance to The Wombats comes into play but as I listen to the album I do find myself thinking of them. I definitely think they are very unique in their sound, though there is The Vaccines similarity and I do like The Vaccines, I would say Circa Waves is just slightly more upbeat and less serious sounding - I say that with no disrespect to The Vaccines, I do love their music! In all I think they're a great balance of The Vaccines meets Vampire Weekend meets days spent on the beach and summer evening drives - there's just a nice vintage, retro, grungy, summery sound to their music and I think it's this fusion which just makes me love it all the more! 

What do you think? Will you be giving their album a listen too? Or are you loving the album too? 

Happy Monday! 

Eunice Caroline


  1. Sounds great - I'll give this a listen, I need a good summer album! x

    Beauty Soup || UK Beauty Blog

  2. Thank you for the comment lovely! T-Shirt weather on the album really gets me feeling all summery and wishing I was on a beach! aha! :) xx

  3. I'll have to listen, I need to get some decent music for my marathon training. I've been collection recommendations from blog posts to check out on Sunday haha!

    Corinne x

  4. Oh wow! Good luck with your Marathon! :) And I hope the album helps :) xx