MAC Mehr | My Graduation Day Nude

This year was a very important one for me, not only did I finally get to resonate feelings with Taylor Swift's 22 and sing it at the top of my voice with meaning but I also found myself finally donning a cap and gown and making that incredibly nerve wracking walk along the stage to collect my degree and bid farewell to the last 4 amazing, crazy years of my life. It was a very big day and the thought of having a photo I knew was going to be plastered above the mantel piece let alone be handed out to every aunt, uncle, second cousin, family friend, you name it, they were having it, sent panic right through me! With an endless montage of awkward and embarrassing school photos flooding my mind I was desperate to make this a photo I could bare to look at and be proud of and for the special day I decided I would finally invest in a piece of make up I had been coveting for the longest time. Believe it or not this was my very first MAC purchase and it had long been due. I have dreamed about these little lipsticks, swooned over the array of colours as I perused and swatched but never had a justifiable reason to get one till this year! 

With a photo that was going to be pretty much with you all your life and depict you at that age and time I wanted to go for a look that wasn't bold. I wanted to look as natural as possible whilst still covering up my blemishes and just making my features stand out a little. With the help of my best friend and the lovely make up artist I explained I wanted something nude with a pink undertone and a matte finish and she delivered! After endless swatching and testing I made my choice, MAC Mehr, a shade I had never heard of but complemented my pale, warm skin tone. It's a lovely creamy matte lipstick, with a beautiful pink, rose tone to it, sort of a my lips but better look and I personally think it's a perfect shade for every occasion day or night adding that subtle polished touch to any outfit or look. And since buying it I can safely say it has been my go to shade this summer spiralling a new love for the soft nude look. 

What MAC lipsticks do you have? What would you recommend? Do you have special key piece beauty item? Let me know! 

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