My Pick of The Rimmel Nudes

Hey guys! 

During summer I spotted this new line of nudes by Rimmel and just fell in love. I do love a good nude look but never really experimented with it on my nails preferring a much more brighter, bolder nail plus I could never find one to match my skin tone. That was till I noticed that with this new range there is a skin tone guide with each shade dedicated to a skin tone. My choices were Gentle Kiss because it was pretty much identical to my skin tone; warm, pale olive is the best way I can describe it (sadly I did not inherit the tanned gene my family carries) but the idea of having camouflage nails seemed really fun and the other shade Soul Session which I have to say is slowly becoming my new favourite is more of a rose nude with this subtle romantic feel perfect for the upcoming autumnal season I thought. Since buying them they have been my go to nail varnishes each time, absolutely loving the smoothness of its application, the speediness of its drying time and the longevity of its wear. I can safely say after a week there was minimal chipping and they hadn't lost their shine. I'd say for a good coverage you'd need two coats and I just feel like they make any look and outfit that much more sophisticated, especially soul session which is a perfect shade for any interviews or formal events that you have coming up if you want to have that subtle, personal, elegant touch to your look. 

What do you think? Will you be trying these nudes? Or if you have which ones do you love? Let me know. 

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