A Playlist | The Perfect Soundtrack for a Cosy Autumn Day In

Music is very much an important part of my life, it has the ability to lift my spirits when I don't feel so great or whisk me away to lost memories from childhood, to adventures and experiences with friends, family and of holidays far and wide. Music is very special to me and one thing I love is exploring Spotify, perusing the many artists sharing their music and finding new songs to carry new memories. What I notice as well is some songs are very much suited to a particular season and I often find myself categorising songs and dedicating them to a month, I will go all year not listening to a song but looking forward to listening to it during these colder, darker months. Fleet Foxes and Jose Gonzales are artists I very much do this with, their songs to me are perfect for the colder months, for wrapping up in a blanket, cosying up with a hot chocolate and book and getting lost in their sounds, add some rain and a toasty warm fire and I am pretty much in heaven wondering what all my fuss was about with the colder seasons. So I thought it would be nice to share my playlist with you, of songs that to me feel oh so autumnal and make me love this month a little bit more, the songs that I savour up especially for this time of year or the songs I have heard recently and thought, yep that is a cold weather song and it's perfect.

I do hope you like the playlist, let me know what you thought and I'd love to hear your recommendations for your perfect autumn/winter songs.

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