Dusty Pastel Brights Perfect for an Autumnal Nail

Whilst perusing the stores in my lunch break the other day I somehow found myself standing in front of the Essie counter, mesmerized by colour, my fingers screaming for a new shade to be adorned with and my little heart fluttering away with all the possibilities! Essie is a brand I have coveted for the longest time. My first purchase was the beautiful Ballet Shoes shade last summer whilst gallivanting around America and throughout my travels I managed to misplace it. It was heart breaking and I may have shed a tear or two! But the other day I thought I would go for it again, another colour, or two. Inspired by the change in season, and a change from the nude look I have been loving lately I thought I would go for a pop of colour, not too bright, but colourful enough to contrast against my outfit but have that autumn vibe. I feel like summer is all about bright, pastel nails, they make a statement and make you feel all summery. I wanted this sort of vibe but muted, sort of in keeping with autumn. It's always one of those melancholy months for me, it's the end of summer which is my favourite season and growing up it was also about starting school, uni, being in new places, it was exciting but sad at times. 

The shades I picked were In Stitches and Maximilian Strass Her. I felt like they complemented this autumnal vibe really well, stepping away from the berries and plum shades of autumn to offer a different take on the style for the season. I do love my plums and nudes this time of year but sometimes it gets a bit much and all I want is a lovely blue or something to contrast that. Maximilian Strass Her for me did just that, pastel and bright enough to add the colour but dusty and muted enough to not be in your face and unfitting with the mood of the season. It's a beautiful soft blue tone with a grey undertone. It's quite a cold colour and just makes a lovely change from the seasons usual colours. 

In Stitches was my second shade, definitely a bit more autumnal with its warm reddish vibe but muted enough to not be like 'here are my nails, see me roar' kinda thing. And it is truly a lovely shade, I don't even know how to go about explaining it as I have never seen a colour like it but the only way I can describe it is that its like a very soft, light red, rose colour with a sort of rusty vibe... if you get my gist? Either way it is very autumnal and perfect for this season if you want to step away from the dark berry shades and have something a little bit more bright. 

What colours are you loving this season? Do you love a bright nail or do you prefer the richer and warmer colours this time of year? Let me know, I'd love to hear your recommendations! 

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