The Perfect Pink Glitter and A Beautiful Cashmere Lilac Taupe | New Seasonal Additions

Just when I thought I had my nail varnish addiction under-control I found myself in front of the Essie counter ... again. But in my defence how can you really deny yourself a nail varnish or four (in my case) when the colours are as sparkly and pretty as these? Why Essie you have to have such pretty colours!?

First off, how pretty is this sparkly, glittery pink?! I am in glitter heaven and definitely starting to feel the (dare I say) Christmas vibes! Cue the golds and glitter of all colours getting cracked out now! All four polishes were part of duo packs the above shades came together in the box A Sprinkle in Pink and the shades were Fiji and A Cut Above. I haven't used the colours yet, I really want to save them for November/December time but I felt I just needed to have them on my dressing table to stare at and make me happy (dark mornings, getting ready and all). Fiji is a lovely creamy baby pink and works as a base for the glittery pink to be applied too and A Cut Above is just perfection, it's the lovely glittery rose pink and just catches the light so prettily! I am just in awe of this colour! 

The second box I picked was Cosy Up In Cashmere and I actually saw this cute little advert on the side of the stand with a bottle wrapped in a jumper, so I'm not too sure if this is a new release but either way the colours were just too pretty to walk away from. The two colours are Cozy In Cashmere and Wrap Me Up and I just think these are perfect names for the change in season and the colours too are completely fitting for autumn/winter. Cozy in Cashmere is a beautiful iridescent matte velvet lilac/taupe colour and I think this is what the line is all about, soft iridescent shades with a matte finish. There are other colours in the line but this one was the one that caught my eye and just as well cause it was in the duo pack. And Wrap Me Up is a lovely complimentary cream with a warm beige/lilac undertone perfect to wear along with Cozy in Cashmere and feel just as snuggly as the names on the bottle.

Will you be picking any of these colours up? What are your favourite Essie shades? Let me know. 

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