The Very Accidental, Completely Unecessary But Oh So Worth It Bourjois Haul

Bourjois is by far one of my favourite high street brands, I'm not really sure why but as a kid I was always mesmerised by the counter, the blushes so shimmery, the nail colours of many shades and I guess the simple fact that it is a French/Parisienne brand which just swayed me that little bit more and as I started experimenting with make up, exploring the counters I just but couldn't help but dabble in a few of their products. And as my discoveries have widened my love for the brand just grows and grows, I am rarely disappointed and often find myself standing in front of the counter looking for something new to try knowing full well whatever I buy from that counter is going to hold a special place in my make up bag.

The first thing I spotted was this powder, I still feel like I am on the hunt for that perfect powder; a soft velvet finish leaving my skin matte and glowy and keeping my make up in place for a long time with minimum slickage, I do hate that word. But oily skin is a very big issue for me so powders are very much my lifesaver. I thought I would give the Healthy Balance one a go after Lily Pebbles mentions of it on her blog and channel. I've only been trying it out a for a week but it's definitely up there with the rest of the powders I have grown to love.

After hearing many great things about the 123 Perfect CC Cream and having a major love for the 123 Perfect Foundation I thought I would try this one too, one because it is an SPF which the foundation isn't but also because sometimes I do like a more natural, sheer look, very occasionally not very often but even I do have those days. What I like about this type of base is its ease of application, for me this is the perfect lazy day base, for those days at home vegging on the sofa or days where you really don't care but still don't want to frighten the poor person walking your way down the street.

Berry lips are my absolute favourite this time of year, perhaps not very work appropriate when you work in an architectural office but definitely fitting for a little peruse down the high street on a Saturday afternoon, and after Anna from Vivianna does Make Up mentioned some new Bourjois releases a few weeks back I new this was a colour I just had to have in my collection - Plum Plum Girl. Plus I absolutely love the formula of these lipsticks and that they literally last all day long.

I didn't even intend to go this far into my purchases but after spending all those pennies turns out I could get a little pot of blush for free and I do love a little deal. I picked up Lilas d'Or and this is a colour I wouldn't normally go for but with the berry tones of the season I was feeling a bit of the purple vibe and just loved how there was this slight lilac/purple iridescent undertone in the pink. It is a very pigmented one and one I feel you need to apply lightly and build up.

Purple has definitely overcome me this season, usually only holding a place as a berry toned lip colour but now I even feel like adding a light dusting of it over my lids. It's a look I've never done or gone for but suddenly I am all about those ombre, shimmery purple lids. This was actually a purchase from ASOS and completely coincidental in my hunt for a purple eye shadow but the colour, Prune Nocturne just looked perfect for the look I am trying and hoping to achieve. I've not used it yet but I absolutely love its iridescent, metallic deep purple tone and I feel like as we head more into the festive season I will be daring to give this look a go. Watch out for a tutorial.

What are your favourite high street brands? What Bourjois products do you recommend? Let me know.

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